Kalepa is a champion and advocate for underwriters: listening acutely to their needs and empowering them with cutting-edge technology to help achieve the fastest growing, most profitable book.

Customer Focus

We are laser focused on building cutting-edge technology to address critical challenges for commercial underwriters. When our customers win, we win.


The scientific method is in our DNA. We find better ways to drive value and increase impact every time we iterate. We balance data-driven design with accountability.


Results speak volumes. Consistent excellence is key to our success as individuals and as a team. We recognize, encourage, and reward merit often and with conviction.

Grit and Hustle

Obstacles? Climb over it, around it, under it, through it, or simply eliminate it. With tenacity and perseverance, we can make the impossible a reality.


We are direct. Clear and constant feedback is essential to improvement. The best ideas win regardless of who is advancing them.

Kalepa’s AI-powered insights transform the underwriting experience, enabling increasingly confident decisions that pave the way for improvements to expense and loss ratios.

Help us build the next-generation underwriting platform.

Are you motivated by technical and analytical challenges? Do you want to work with a global team of talented and driven colleagues to transform a $1T industry?

Machine Learning Engineer

ML Engineers will be building and deploying models to turn vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from many sources (web data, geolocation, satellite imaging, etc.) into novel insights about behavior and risk.

Back-End Engineer

Back End Engineers will be solving interesting and challenging problems at the intersection of data engineering, scalable and distributed systems, and robust infrastructure

Full-Stack Engineer

Software engineers at Kalepa are solving interesting and challenging problems at the intersection of web development, data engineering, and distributed systems. You will be working across the stack, building intuitive and performant frontend apps, APIs to connect multiple services, robust data pipelines, and everything in between.

Lead Product Designer

The Lead Product Designer will have a broad remit across product management, UX design, and UX research to drive Kalepa’s vision forward and position underwriters to be far more impactful in their work.

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