Commercial insurers and MGAs face new challenges in their quest for a fast growing and profitable book.

The need for faster turnaround times, greater precision in underwriting, and enhanced levels of service for insureds and agents alike necessitates increased adaptability and productivity.

Kalepa’s Copilot supports underwriters at each step as they work to maximize premiums, become the preferred partners for agents to place business with, and contain loss exposure. Copilot helps every underwriter navigate decisions with the effectiveness and efficiency of the best underwriters.

With Copilot, you can rapidly assess and improve your underwriting performance.

Kalepa’s AI-powered insights transform the underwriting experience, enabling increasingly confident decisions that pave the way for improvements to expense and loss ratios.

Quickly triage applications

Focus on the highest ROI opportunities. Be first to quote. Rapidly reject risk inconsistent with appetite.

Understand the full exposure for each submission

Copilot identifies the key pieces of information to evaluate risk efficiently. Dive deeper where needed, and reach the right conclusions. A single version of the truth.

Elevate underwriting practices

Copilot dynamically learns from the best underwriters and helps less experienced ones onboard quicker. Get the most from all underwriters. Lower expense ratios.

Talk to agents quickly and specifically

Streamline communications with agents, managers, and team members. Share and receive the right information when it’s needed most. Decline risk quickly and objectively.

Help us build the next-generation underwriting platform.

Are you motivated by ambitious technical and analytical challenges? Do you want to work with a global team of talented and driven colleagues to transform a $1T industry?

Machine Learning Engineer

ML Engineers will be building and deploying models to turn vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from many sources (web data, geolocation, satellite imaging, etc.) into novel insights about behavior and risk.

Back-End Engineer

Back End Engineers will be solving interesting and challenging problems at the intersection of data engineering, scalable and distributed systems, and robust infrastructure.

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